Who We Are

Hold Realty is the number one commission free REALTOR® in Scottsdale! We are changing the Arizona real estate game, one home at a time. How can you save on your selling costs, and get the job done with a full service listing broker? It’s simple- List and sell with Hold Realty and pay no commission at close of escrow.

Hold Realty offers an unparalleled opportunity for homeowners like you to capitalize on market conditions and keep your hard earned equity right where it belongs -in your pocket! Now you can keep it all, and still have a REALTOR® to guide you, every step of the way.

We bring the knowledge of local professionals directly to the consumer, providing a new and empowering alternative to an advancing real estate industry.

It’s Your Equity, Keep It!

We list homes for sale in Scottsdale. You no longer have to pay a commission, or worry about selling your home yourself to save money. Sometimes, agents can get in the way of a sale between buyers and sellers. Primarily due to pesky commissions, your sale can actually stall or worse, an offer may never even present itself.

Sky high listing prices that are often in place only to cover high commissions, do not help buyers or sellers. Homes sitting on the market for several months, chasing the market down or often not selling at all, may indicate a serious problem with the traditional way of doing business.

Fortunately, real estate commissions among Scottsdale REALTOR’S® are all negotiable. Searching for a new home? Our listing agents will work directly with you or your buyer broker. But let’s take it a step further…

Isn’t it time for a change that we can all afford? Hold Realty offers a 0% Commission when you list and sell through us. Your home needs to sell, and we are here to sell it with you -commission free!

0% Every Seller, Every Home, Every Day

That’s our motto and we’re sticking to it. We are not a discount broker, limited service agent, or a for sale by owner agency. Hold Realty will list your home until it sells. We guarantee your satisfaction. You can cancel your listing anytime, for any reason, without a cancellation fee.

We provide Arizona home sellers with a competitive option to get their property sold faster, for top dollar, and without all the excess. Save the time, money and hassle by calling Hold Realty today at 480-800-1252.