What Can Hold Realty Do for You?

Real Estate all comes down to numbers. Selling your home in any market used to be expensive. Typically, the largest cost of selling your house was the huge commission paid out to REALTOR’S®…Ouch! We’ve been there too, so we know exactly how it feels to see that huge amount on your escrow closing statement.

Now you can hire full service Scottsdale REALTOR® Hold Realty to represent your listing, and sell through us, all commission free. Our listing agreements have a big 0% in them, for every client, every home, every day. Hold Realty aims to maintain our position as the number one full service 0% Commission REALTOR® in Scottsdale.

How we sell your property

We removed the commission cost. Now you really can sell your house for the most amount of money and in the shortest amount of time. We represent your listing from start to finish. We negotiate on your behalf to agents and buyers, bringing you the best deal for your sale.

Maintain your position as a seller, without cutting any corners. We get the job done right, the first time. Call our office today to see what your home could sell for in today’s market.

Your Homes Value

Value is often in the eye of the beholder. You can find out your homes worth best through an appraisal. A comparative market analysis, or CMA for short, will give Scottsdale home sellers an idea of present market conditions. Many homeowners that consider listing their home for sale, will obtain as much data from nearby sold homes as possible.

Every property is different. Every home has it’s own unique elements that need to be highlighted to potential home-buyers. There are several tricks of the trade that our agents will employ to get your home sold faster. Hold Realty aims to get an offer on your home within the first days or weeks of hitting the market.